Crowd Funding Videos

3rd February, 2015 by Clive Worden

We recently become involved in helping to get a couple of potential business ventures off the ground by producing Crowd Funding Videos. The first was for a new gaming app
and the second was for a revolutionary new CV builder tool with lots a add-ons and extra freebies. You can find details of this at –

So what do you need for a successful Crowd Funding Video?

Well it needs to be clear, concise and short. You need to get the main points over within a couple of minutes. It needs to be entertaining without losing sight of it`s main objective. The viewer needs to understand the proposition, basically what they are being asked to invest in.

And from a production perspective, this all needs to be done within a tight budget, as Crowd Funding videos are for new businesses who by their very nature will have limited funds.

Luckily we have the perfect video production packages for this type of video.